Monday, September 8, 2014

I have been dying to post this styled shoot but I had to wait until our feature on Wedding Chicks, you can check all the goodness out here plus all the yummy details. This shoot was more than just the pretty details to me.  I wanted a couple that embodied a true love for one another.  Bri and Kyle were just that.  I asked them to write a little note to each other:

Bri wrote,

Kyle is my best friend, He is my encouragement and my joy.  He is the reflection of Gods grace and love towards me.  He reminds me to smile and to not let the world bring down my hopes and dreams.  our marriage has been filled with good days and bad days. However, Kyle always pushes us forward to loving each other better.  Marriage is not what I expected it to be, it’s harder yet full of rewards. It is the most precious relationship I have ever entered.  My husband is full of patience, kindness, strength and humility.  I love spending every day with him, whether he’s holding my hand on a walk or I am just sitting next to him, watching him work.  He fills our relationship with joy, and he always lifts me up when I am weak.  He is my best friend.  I hope and pray that we will fight for our marriage always and desire to glorify God with our story.  God is good.  I am thankful for this man I call my husband.

Kyle wrote,

Bri is the most obviously consuming manifestation of Gods grace in my live.  She is Gods goodness to me, If I were to tell you the depths of mercy she has shown me, I would fill more books than you would care to read..  This is because her stream of love flows from an ocean that never runs dry.  Many will only dip their feet in the water from which she drinks.  She is my rose among thorns. She puts most women to shame by her humble spirit and good conduct. The beauty she adorns herself with has nothing to do with what she sees in the mirror.  She is dressed in good character, and kindness comes from her mouth.  Beauty is fleeting, and charm deceives us, but Bri fears the One who formed the earth and painted the night sky.  She has been most instrumental in Gods continual work of producing righteousness in me. She supports me when I commit to a venture. She forgives me when I am given to sin. She comforts me when I am burdened. She encourages me when I am in doubt. To say “thank you” would be a pitiful mockery of the gratitude that is in my heart towards her. It is my joy and pleasure to love and serve this woman of God.  She is mine, and I am hers, for all the days of our loves.  

Then they wrote what this shoot meant to them, 
This shoot is a dream come true. The past four years with kyle have been some of the best- however, we love each other more today than the first day when we said "I do" and I want to capture that and remember the great work that God has done in our marriage.  I can't wait to share these photographs with our children someday. I will cherish this session  forever -Thank you, Chelsi.

This was a dream come true for me and I am forever thankful for everyone involved!  If you haven't already check out our Feature on Wedding Chicks HERE
Photography: C Starr Photography

Event designer: BLUSH Weddings & Events
Stationery: K Homan Designs
Hair & Makeup: Salon M 
Bri and Kyle Schubert: Real Couple | Venue: Private Residence - Spencer, Iowa

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