Wednesday, September 10, 2014

 To say that we did a little work in this house would be an understatement. We have continually been working on this house for the past year and a half and I am just in love with how it came out.  Now that we are putting it up for sale I just know the right family will find it and fall in love with it.  :)
The kitchen was gross and dark and darkness scares me.  First we tore down the wallpaper and Then took the cabinet doors off for painting.  These cabinets were old but they were well built and I loved the lines.  I knew a coat of paint would make a huge difference.  I picked out the perfect creamy white (natural choice by sherwin williams) for the cabinets and a light/medium grey for the walls (can't find the color).    Added white subway tile, got a new countertop that I am obsessed with and a undermount stainless sink with new faucets.  Pretty much EVERYTHING...  I just love this kitchen!

This peninsula countertop was dumb!  It was table height and too long.  We lifted it to normal countertop height and I painted it my favorite dark grey (peppercorn by sherwin williams).  We will be doing a feather finish cement countertop over the current fake butcher block that should really add to the look of the kitchen.  Hey, its wedding season!  

Great room- HOLY RED WALL!  I have a serious aversion to red, ask anyone! So the red and peach and oak combo that was going on had to go!  I hate oak too.  Sue me!  I decided to go with a bluish grey (silvermist by sherwin williams) and the change in paint was dramatic!  Totally different house!  We also painted the extra woodwork  the same color as the kitchen cabinets and what a difference that made too.  Last month we replaced all the main level flooring.  You see how this carpet does a little swoop here?  Well, I have had several people come over and ask if we moved a wall or something because it feels bigger.  NOPE! Changed the carpet getting rid of that extra patch made it feel like an entire extra room, in which we put a cute little table I refinished from Goodwill.
I had hopes of painting these windows yellow!  Probably wont happen if we move... What's that extra door there you say? Well its the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.  It's a storage space! Yup about 10 feet up we have a mini door that we cannot access unless we have a ladder.  Needless to say we do not use this.  I always imagined building a little railing and walkway across there so kids could use it as a play space but we all know that's not going to happen.
Like my pretty cage lights?  They used to be regular recessed lighting which bores me! Plus I don't need a light pointing at something to accentuate it! I just want a nice warm light to light up a room! These worked perfectly!  

Here is my goodwill table. I sanded it down, re-stained the top and painted the legs a tangerine orange!  I am so in LOVE with it.  This is such an open space... the kids run from one side of the house to the other.

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