A portrait of each of my children every month: AUGUST

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stella Noelle:  You started 3rd grade this month! I cannot believe that happened!  You also did surprisingly well with no melt downs that first week! I cannot say as much for that second week as you are back to a good cry once or twice a day.  This month as I told you NO about something you exclaimed, "You don't know my life!"  so yes, apparently I am not up on 8 year old life!  Need to check on that.  I am excited to see what this school year holds for you my beautiful daughter!  

Dash Abram:  You are napping less and less but still needing the nap!  Such a hard battle.  Once daddy went back to school we put a smack down on the whining for everything but you still continue to want to eat every 15 minutes and you are still a habitual cereal waster!  Can't stand it!  You want to help out more and more and it is so cute to see how proud you are when you do.  You have matured this month.  It makes me sad and proud at the same time.  But then you act like a 3-year old and its back to normal feelings of a mom again.

Marlo Grey:  You are growing up and I cannot stop it!  You are now standing up on your own.  Getting up from just the ground and you have perfected it.  Now you hold stuff while you stand and I can tell you are super proud of yourself.  You have taken 1-2 steps, I have only seen 1 but Grandma Laura, Stella and Craig claim otherwise.  You love to eat.  We have skipped most pureed foods for the most part and have tried out just eating regular "human" foods.  You have even tried all the allergenic foods and you loved them!

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