A portrait of each of my children every month: JULY

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

July was a busy month! So much that I cannot even wrap my head around what went on.  All I know is I tried to spend every free moment with family while daddy was home for the summer.  That is a win for me.  Thank goodness for iphones again and me taking notes about each month.

Marlo Grey:  Horrible sleeper!  I still soak it all up. Eating more and more regular food and loving every bit of it.  Had first pickle, per daddy!  Still a little peanut wearing 3-6 month clothes but crawling like crazy.. Even pulling yourself up on furniture.

Dash Abram:  You still need daddy to put you to sleep every night which means he's going to fall asleep with you and not come down until 11.  You are quite the little whiner and need to get a toy every time you go to a store (I put a stop to that one) and every time you get a hair cut.  (you only let daddy cut your hair which I guess is a win since we're not paying to get it done.) You love to spend most of your time outside playing with whoever is around.  

Stella Noelle:  You are starting to feel the need for independence and hesitantly we are giving it to you.  It would be easier if the world was like it was when we were kids.  You spent a lot of time with your buddy Annabelle and you two love getting crafty together.  You still love to spend the mornings with your baby sister and I love seeing you two together.  

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