Monday, June 30, 2014

Rain was forecasted for their wedding at their gorgeous home in Cedar Falls.  The percentage chance for a storm kept getting higher and higher.  Until the day of the wedding.  The chances went down to 10% with scattered showers. We had a perfect cloudy day for photos and the first time it rained was during the ceremony which promised good luck for the couple.

And then it rained, and rained and rained hard. Fortunately it cooled everything off and we were all thankful for the tent.

I asked Justine when she knew that Chad was the one?
She said, " when she finally realized he cared more about others than himself." 

This was apparent with every moment I, myself have spent with Chad. He is one of those men who wants everyone around him to feel comfortable and to be happy.  When Justine and Chad are together there is no doubt, the special connection the two of them have.  

I have many favorite moments from their special day but the one that gave me goosebumps and a huge smile was during the ceremony. She whispered to him "I love you," 
and him back to her,"love you more." The entire day was about just that: their love.

One of my favorite images.

The necklace, a gift from Chad on their wedding day, with his thumbprint and her old and new initials and their wedding date!  So special.

Nothing like your friends up your dress for some good laughs.

Such handsome, VERY tall men!

These girls made my job easy! 

Waiting beautifully for her groom.  <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE

The boys, always helping out.

Emily, thanks for your help all day!  You were go go go all day and I know everyone appreciated everything.

Oh, my heart! Sophia and Justine.

Taking gorgeous shots of Justine and this is going on right next to us :) Too much cuteness!

Justine was thrilled to pop open a bottle of champagne and spray it all over in celebration of their marriage. <3

Ominous Skies

It was too bad the rain kept us from this AMAZING outdoor space. 

Wedding Day
Location • Our home, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Ceremony • Officiant, Judge Nancy L. Whittenburg
Reception Venue • Our home, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Band • The BillMartin Group
Catering • Catering by Chef Clarence, Janesville, IA 319-987-2260 (Most delicious steak I have ever had)
Cake • Cookies - Bambinos Sweet & Fluffy Cookies, Donna O'Brien (OMG SOOOO GOOD)
First Dance • Lee Brice - “I Don’t Dance"
Father/Daughter • Tim McGraw - “My Little Girl"
Mother/Son • Kenny Chesney - “Don’t Blink"

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