A portrait of each of my children every month: May

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dash:  This month you literally kept me on my feet, which is hard to do as a nursing momma.  First, you got into a can of spray paint (that I mistakenly left in sight) and painted the cabinet that I was luckily stripping as well as your hands and arms and brand new clothes.  Second while you were "napping" got into your sisters nail polish (which she mistakenly left out) and painted her walls with hand prints, her window with hand prints, the carpet and her desk chair as well as your hands and clothes...  another reason daddy keeps insisting on second- hand clothing.  Then finally while I sat in the living room feeding Marlo listening to you sing and talk on the front porch suddenly it all went quiet which is never good.  So I got up with sleeping baby and went to investigate.  Figuring you were on the stairs or getting stuff out of the garage.  I look down the street and see you on your bike heading to "get Stella."  Oh my goodness as I yell running barefoot down the street baby in arm praying you won't cross the street...  YUP! I must always watch...

Stella: You had your first performance of ARF this year and it was so fun to see how well behaved you were and how enthusiastic you were every time you sang.  You also finished Second Grade.  Every report card was outstanding and the only thing you ever needed to work on was your talking :) (she gets that from her mama!) I am amazed daily at how smart you are.  You were accepted into the TAG program for next year which was no surprise to me as you excel in your studies so naturally.  I love how determined you are.  Like when you wanted to figure out subtraction better, you just tried and cried and tried until you got really good at it. 

Marlo:  You perfected sitting up this month and roll all over the living room.  It is so fun to watch your progressions.  You got your first tooth too! This was a huge surprise as I exclaimed for joy when I felt it at the pool.. You showed no signs of fussiness that time.  I won't count on that for each tooth.  You are such a joy to be around.  In the mornings the minute you wake you have a huge smile and then you bury your face into my chest.  It continues to be my favorite thing and you cannot wake up in a bad mood to that sweet face.

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