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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To little girls who think their mother is the most beautiful when she wakes up in the morning.
To little girls who think their mom is the best chef alive when you make her favorite meal, even when its just a meat and cheese taco.
To little girls who wear their moms high heels to feel more grown up.
To little girls who want to wear mascara just like you.
To little girls who sing you the bed bugs song on nights you tuck her in.
To little girls who just want to talk to you, even when you think its not that important.
To little girls who say the funniest things out of the simplest context.
To my little girl...
This is just part of my Stella and tonight I am especially grateful for her... She finishes her last day of kindergarten and is on her way to 1st grade this fall.  I am not the best at showing it all the time but I am so proud of her every day! My little Stella Noelle...

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