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Friday, May 18, 2012

The end of the school year is fast approaching and I am so excited!  Spending the day with our children is going to be an experience and I am sure I will have some fun stories!

Today I am writing about something I would like to entitle a Stella-ism: basically anything that comes out of her mouth.

Many of you who know us, know that Stella says some pretty outrageous things.  She remembers everything in her life ( especially when she was two, those were the good ole days) and uses that knowledge in asking many too many to count questions or telling us stories of back in the day.
The other day while riding in the car Karlton and I were having a conversation about our kids sleeping.  Stella interjects as she is coloring silently in the backseat.  We can be having a serious conversation like this and she will join as if she has been a part of it the entire time.  And She listens, and remembers everything we say even when we aren't talking to her!

Stella: Did I sleep cry when I was little?
Me: Yes, you still do.
Stella: Oh, yeah like when I was two and I had that dream about mermaids and then I thought that you and dad were going to send me away?  Do you remember that?
Me: (WHAT? Mermaids? 2 Years old? How would I remember a dream my child had 4 years ago) YES, Yes of course I remember.

Trust me ~ its easier to say you remember, ITS ALWAYS EASIER!

...And because every post is better with a photo, here is the star of the story spooning with Holly, and Rose,  playing her 1st Grade Teach Me game on her Ipod Touch.

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