Sucking It In A Little While Longer

Friday, January 28, 2011

Well the past few weeks have been quite challenging. Lack of sleep, empty tissue boxes, red noses, sore throats and having to sit on my butt all day long.

Last week started off quite normal for me, Karlton however had his first family sick day on Monday. He stayed home with our fever ridden Stella. She was sick all weekend. Turns out that she had a double ear infection and we have since then treated that and she is back to her old self. I worked from home on Tuesday and became progressively uncomfortable regardless of the medications they gave me to stop contractions. At 6 I finally decided to give in and call the OB, where they insisted I came in to be monitored. The ride over my contractions became more frequent and even painful (I hesitate when I say painful but at this point in pregnancy I know they shouldn't feel that strong). Once I got on monitors my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart consistently and I was definitely noticing the start-middle-end of them. I was given a subcutaneous dose of Terbutaline shortly after taking my other med Procardia (both meds that are supposed to stop the contractions). For about an hour they pretty much stopped but then I started feeling the contractions again and they were getting stronger, but not showing on monitor. They called the on-call doctor because ours was out of town and made the decision to give me another shot of Terb. and then put me on an IV shooting 3 bags of fluid into my right arm in probably 2 hours. I was well hydrated. The contractions still came for a while but then eventually stopped around 4am. Feeling guilty that my husband was just sitting there in his wooden chair wanting to sleep I sent him to my parents house to get some sleep since that was what I was hoping to do myself. I couldn't fall asleep the meds made me feel crazy and having to wait to use the restroom until a nurse came in to check on my hydrated self kept me from getting comfortable. Haha comfortable in a hospital, I am not sure that is possible. I did eventually cuddle down with the tv on, to distract me from moaning mothers in labor, and fall asleep from 5:30 to 7:45 when I was awakened with breakfast and a wheelchair trip to the Women's Center to have an ultrasound. The conclusion was that my cervix was still doing a good job keeping baby h for the next few weeks. However, until my next appointment I was placed on bed rest to make sure that remains the same.
So that is where I remain for most of my day, in bed. I eventually get up and come to the computer to get in some work before the meds make me feel jittery and unable to focus. I have remained positive because that's the only way I can get by every day. I have a healthy baby who is still in there cooking for at least the next two weeks, I pray, a wonderful husband who does everything for me and a little 4 year old who brings comedy to every day. Nothing to be unhappy about really, I am just so thankful!

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