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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Well, let me start this post off by saying I am not much of a writer. My intentions for this blog are to keep you updated on the happenings of the Hector's and C Starr Photography. I will do my best but I am a better photographer than writer, I would rather let the images do most of the talking.
We had an interesting weekend that started off with Stella having a fever of 102.. This continued to rise and fall as Saturday progressed and we thought we were in the clear this morning when she seemed to be more like herself. I guess we were wrong because before noon she was already starting to get a fever again. Karlton has made the decision to stay home with her tomorrow and I will return early so he can drive bus. He has been substitute bus driving for the past few weeks.
As some of you may know Stella gets baptized next Sunday and for that we needed a family photo. We haven't had a real one since over a year ago so I had planned on doing a mini shoot on Saturday. Obviously, cuddling and watching movies won that one! So today even with Stella tired we had one. She was quite the trooper, all I had to do was tell her that I would put hair spray in her hair and give her a little make-up. Something that she has learned to love from her Grandma Miriam :)
The Shoot went well with the help of a tripod and my wonderful husband. As you can see Stella was pretty exhausted and was ready to put herself down for her nap as soon as we finished. I am pretty satisfied with the images, its really nice to have family photos... I hope you all enjoy!
Mother and Tired Daughter
This Smile TOOK FOREVER TO GET RIGHT!One of My Favorites

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