Sunday, January 10, 2016

The first wedding of the year was a hit!  Naomi and Ben are just so sweet!  Their wedding party, AMAZING,  AND FAMILY, so welcoming!  What a great great day!  Naomi was the happiest bride, she literally glowed and I am sure her face hurt after the reception from her huge smile while she twirled and twirled in ONE OF MY FAVORITE DRESSES EVER!!!!  Seriously, that dress!!

My favorite part of the day was visiting the three places that were special to Ben and Naomi while we rode in the trolley after the ceremony.  First stop was Lucianos, where they had their first date.  It was closed of course since the owners were wedding guests.  Second stop was Grandview Park where Ben first told Naomi he loved her.   Lastly, we went to Heelan High School where they both attended and first met.  It was so special "going down memory lane" with these newlyweds.

Thank you so so much for choosing me to capture your awesomely, perfect January wedding!  I wish you all the best in your new life as husband and wife.

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