A portrait of each of my children every month: JUNE

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Marlo: This month you turned 7 months but before that you reached many milestones.  You figured out how to get yourself back into sitting position if you fall down.  This is nice because we don't have to pick you up every time you tip over.  You also learned how to pull yourself up onto furniture.  This is adorable but that first week you hit your head about every 5 minutes.  You got your second tooth which definitely wasn't as easy as your first.

Dash:  You love being outside which is great!  You are definitely 3 and it is not easy as a parent.  But that face!  It just gets me...  You still come up to me and want to cuddle, telling me you need me.  I'll take you needing me for as long as you'll let me  :)  <3 (heart melting)

Stella: If you could be outside all day you would.  Many times you will even choose that over eating.  I guess summer does that!  You had basketball camp this month and also had your first year of non-tball softball.  I loved watching you play and seeing your face light up.  You definitely have my legs and speed.  One particularly proud moment was when you got all three outs in the inning by tagging each player.  It wasn't so much about you getting them out but when you came back in to the dugout, the smile on your face made me cry.  To see you so happy makes a momma proud.

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