Marlo Grey Nearly 6 Months Old

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I am getting ahead of myself with these month by month mini shoots that I have with Marlo. Then her month birthday rolls around and I forget to have a mini.
 This one was special because I didn't take any individual shots of Marlo in her baptismal gown.  My baptismal gown.  It is so special to me because my late Grandma Anita made it for me.  Then my Grandma Shirley made me the doll to match.  We call her baby Chelsi.  Stella has played with her since she was little and she has survived.

I may have gotten carried away taking photos but the light was glorious, the white petals strewn on the grass was perfect and Marlo was as happy as can be in the light breeze.
Prepare yourself for some major cuteness!


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