Monday, March 31, 2014

I could always see the potential in this room, even with the old shag carpet, the dark cabinets and the nasty striped wallpaper.  I knew it had great bones and major potential.  Tearing down that wallpaper was literally the first thing I did in the house and it took 5 minutes.    We found original hardwood under the nasty carpet, which I sanded and refinished myself.  Here are the before photos.  So dark and dreary! 

notice the cute shutters, I plan on refinishing them someday and using them in the room again.  When I have time :)

Sometimes I go upstairs and just look at Marlo's room. It makes me so HAPPY!  Just bright and cheery.  I knew I didn't want a specific theme or anything for her room I just had these two afghans that I got at goodwill that were my color inspiration.  I went from that! If It was colorful I used it.  It is a collection of findings,  gathered and cherished.
I did a lot of spray painting.  :) Made the curtains with my dear friend Amy.  LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! No one else has these curtains.  I was also in the mood to do yarn art as I did Dash's D for his bedroom.  I didn't do a mobile however, this adorable yarn wall art will do just fine.  I used embroidery hoops with random fabrics to add color.  The navy blue M was a gift from my friend Maddy :) and the headband and tutu are also a gift from my friend Amy.

The mirror was pretty much forced on us by my brother-in-law.  I of course painted it the gorgeous periwinkle it now is.  One of my favorite things. Thanks Craig.  Dresser was a swap find. Many of the little things are finds from Goodwill, crazy huh?

Adorable elephant was a gift when Dash was born from my girl, Karen! I stole it and Dash is not thrilled!  :)   I could go on and on about her room and the things that I did but I don't have time.  Any questions please let me know!  :)

I hope you enjoy my baby girl's room as much as I do.

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