A portrait of each of my children every month: February

Friday, March 7, 2014

I was inspired to do some sort of Photo Project from a blog friend of mine.  Ashley Jorgensen of http://jorgensenbettertogether.blogspot.com/

She does such a fantastic job of photographing her children, herself and her family!  And I loved how she was doing a portrait of her children every week with a little bit about them that week.  Since I barely make enough time to blog anything I thought that I could AT LEAST do it each month starting in February.  Though I technically didn't write it in February I did take these photos!  So, here I go! 

Stella, you turned 8 this month! I cannot believe it because it seems like you were just this little baby and toddler who ran around entertaining the whole family with things you said and did.  You are so smart!  In fact, I am jealous of how easy things come to you!  We sat at the dinner table the other night and were talking about your challenge test that you had taken.  Dad asked "How did your test go?"
You responded so quickly "Well, I think I got them all right." 
Dad and I both laughed out loud. If only things came as easily to us old people. 
You are so sensitive and such a perfectionist.  I think you are just like your cousin Logan.  

You LOVE to read.  Your favorite books are mysteries right now.  I remember really loving mysteries and the Bermuda Triangle when I was your age.
You love to help with your baby sister and brag that she likes you almost as much as mommy.
You really don't like doing your homework and usually end up wrestling your brother instead. And how can I argue with that!  You love to do XtraMath and would spend hours if I let you.  You have always been independent and at this age it is no exception.  You love to just sit and draw, make bracelets, and create.  
I love how you are so thoughtful of others, like how you made me a gorgeous bouquet of paper flowers for my birthday and how last night you worked hard at a dream catcher for your brothers birthday.  
Although we are often harder on you due to the fact that you're the oldest child, we still LOVE you so much! 

You turn 3 today!  Last night I sadly hugged you for the last time as a 2 year old.  You make me laugh so often its ridiculous.  Sometimes its because you're being funny and sometimes because you're doing something naughty and I have to hold back.
You love Calliou (we are weaning you off though, yay) and Cars and Trucks and anything boy!!!  You are working hard on your "L's" and still say cute things like - "I yike that truck mommy, yook at that."
You are starting to act like a 3 year old and its a scary thing.  Distraction and timeout are my best friends in making it through some days with you.
Things that melt my heart are when you say, "that make you proud mommy?" "I love you mommy" and "awwwwwww Marlo so cute mommy!  yook at how cute she is"
You are so loving!
Favorite things: Climbing on daddy's shoulders, fruit snacks, getting your own snacks out of the fridge, helping mommy clean, doing anything that is outside of the house.  You love to be told how big you are!  I cannot wait to see what this next month holds for you! Happy Birthday Darling!

Stella's landform, she is quite the artist.

A "cabin fever" gift from our amazing neighbors the Greys.  Stella put it together once and then daddy and Dash did again! Dash was so proud.

A story that Stella wrote about the figure skaters.  I love her stories and am going to start adding them to this.  A child's point of view is just the best.

Chew and his best friend Dash!  I cannot get enough photos of this boy sleeping!

You turned three months this month. I cannot believe how it has flown by.  You go from wanting to get this baby out of your tummy to WOW where has the time gone!  I truly enjoy this time.  You love me so much, in fact, you won't let anyone else handle you from 6pm until bedtime.  This is hard but I do enjoy it when you smile and tell me about your day.
You love when I sing to you and give me some of your biggest smiles. You almost rolled over yesterday.  I was so shocked!  You are so strong and can stand and I can pull you up from laying down.  I know you've been working on your ab muscles ;)
I hope you stay this happy! Love you baby girl!

Awesome photo Stella drew in school.

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