First Edition of BEFORE AND AFTER LeMars Home!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

 I am finally getting around to this and I am not impressed with my before photos. :) You'll get the idea. 

Before:  Here is the kids bath. It was PEACH colored as you can see in the toilet photo. I am not a fan of peach yet, it covered nearly our entire home.   Easy change.  The wall with the mirror was covered with rip and tear wallpaper.  Thankfully it was easy to tear down :)

After:  I wanted the kids bath to be bright but not Themey Kids so I went with a gorgeous blue on the cabinets and perfect greige on the walls.  I love the idea of using your own children's work as art and luckily I have a budding artist in my home.  I bought these awesome frames on Amazon and they just look like they were made for this bathroom.  I also love the pop of color the orange towels give the room. I also opted for hooks instead of towel bars and it is proving to be a wonderful choice!  Plus they were like 99 cents each. 

It is not a naturally bright room being that it has no windows but I love the mood that the new light fixture creates and don't forget my awesome steal of a mirror for $12 at Home Depot.  SCORE....  I handed over bath markers and crayons and the children continuously decorate my bath with wonderful drawings. 


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